• Release date: 22nd May, 2020
  • Genre: Alternative R&B / Neo Soul
  • Producers: Miller Blue
  • No of songs: 6

Blending swathes of silky smooth R&B and infectiously groovy electronica, Miller Blue’s newest EP is sure to captivate, entrance, and capture you all at once.

There appears to be a thirst in the UK music scene these days for music that combines R&B, funk, and jazz. Think along the lines of bedroom pop with a few bluesy seven chords thrown in for good measure, and you’re halfway there. However, Miller Blue’s approach to this eclectic mix in his newest EP ‘Sunflower’ demonstrates exactly why this is a sound that appeals to so many right now. In a melding sonic hotpot that draws upon personal influences from a variety of genres, the result is the perfect backtrack for one to relax into at the end of a day. The intimacy of the sonics is complemented by Blue’s candid approach to his songwriting, as he takes you along his journey of reflecting upon his life in the six tracks that form the EP. Blue discloses, “the whole project is essentially a series of diary entries. Starting with a reflection of a breakup and moving chronologically from that point to where I am now.”

Words by Athena Kam for When The Horn Blows